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We just taped the final installment (# 21) in the Second Coming Series.Thanks to all of you who have written in with questions & comments! We look forward to hearing from many in the future as these teachings continue to be viewed. It is our prayer that God would be pleased to use them in bringing His true church into the correct understanding of His preterist eschatology. God bless you in your study!

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Website Update: The audio for the Gospel of John & the Minor Prophets is up to date!

Next, we will begin updating 1 Corinthians & Revelation 3.0. In the meantime, the majority of the teachings can be viewed on youtube. If you encounter any difficulties in listening, please write us & let us know!

Subscribe to this page on YouTube: to stay organized in watching the most recent Sunday morning sermons, alternating between 1 Corinthians & the book of Revelation. You can also view Wednesday night's study in the gospel of John, as well as the early Sunday morning Bible study where we are going through the book of Zechariah. (Or from YouTube, type in Dr. Kelly Nelson Birks and then click on Bryan D and the most recent teaching will appear first in the lineup.)


The purpose of this site is to provide the body of Christ with direct, hard hitting exegetical information on Biblical topics without the presuppositions that have accompanied much of the Biblical teaching in the church to date and that has subsequently been labeled as "orthodox".

Presuppositional thinking is THE MAIN PROBLEM in the church of the Lord Jesus Christ when it comes to rightly dividing His Word of truth.

A "presupposition" is essentially believing a thing to be true before we approach the Bible in a disciplined moment of study. It is a reading into the text of Scripture a belief system that may in fact not be what the Bible is meaning to say at all. Take for instance the doctrine of the Parousia, or Second Coming of Christ. It is a presupposition that enunciates the view that this Second Coming has not occurred yet and is therefore still yet to occur in our futures. Every time we read a portion of Scripture that speaks of the Second Coming, we read it through the "lens" of a yet-future-to-us assumption. Consequently, because of this "presupposition", we miss the originally intended meaning of the text.

Is Dr. Birks immune to presuppositions? No one can say that they are entirely free of the influence of presuppositions when it comes to understanding what the Bible means by what it says. However, it is our goal to approach the text of Scripture with an attitude that is as unbiased as possible and to let the Holy Spirit "speak" to us in the Word so that we might come to more God-glorifying conclusions on every subject in Scripture.

This is what we intend for you, our visitor, to find on this site. If you can't find what your're looking for, go ahead and ask a question, The Doctor Is In

Happy studying!

Dr. Kelly Nelson Birks ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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