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Date Message Outline
08/30/09 How to Lay Siege on Your Fearful Imagination No Outline
09/06/09 The Ultimate Meaning & Practice of the Lord's Supper
09/20/09 But Lord, This Isn't What I Asked For!... No Outline
02/28/10 Part 1: The Characteristics Of The Complacent Christian
02/28/10 Part 2: The Characteristics Of The Complacent Christian
03/07/10 John 12:1-8 Do You Love To Worship Jesus?
03/07/10 John 15:1-8 Out On A Limb...The Vine & The Branches No Outline
03/14/10 John 11 Yes, I Believe In The Resurrection...But What Do You Mean By Resurrection? No Outline
03/28/10 John 21:1-19 Realizing Relief Through Restoration
04/04/10 Philippians 3:1-14 Losing Your Past No Outline
04/11/10 I John 1:4-2:1 How's Your Absolute Joy?
08/01/10 The Jazz Explosion with Kelly Birks No Outline
10/17/10 The Corinthian Carnal Cafe No Outline
10/31/10 You Haven't Lived 'Til You've Died, Phil. 1:20-24 No Outline
12/26/10 Psalm 91 No Outline
01/30/11 1 Peter 1: Assessing Absolute Assurance No Outline
03/27/11 Life From The Ashes, Lamentations 3:22-23 No Outline
04/03/11 Journeying To Jerusalem: Psalm 84 No Outline
04/24/11 Resurrection Review No Outline
07/17/11 II Cor. 12:1-10: From Weakness, STRENGTH (& the only way to get it) No Outline
08/17/11 Jesus Defines Resurrection No Outline
08/24/11 Jesus Defines Resurrection, Part 2 No Outline
08/31/11 Jesus Defines Resurrection, Part 3 No Outline
09/11/11 Fear God...Honor Your King No Outline
09/14/11 Jesus Defines Resurrection, Part 4 No Outline
11/27/11 From The Sheep's Perspective No Outline
01/22/12 FAITH = Bible Doctrine Residing In The Mind No Outline
02/12/12 According To Who? Elder Toney Floyd No Outline
08/08/12 Why I Am Not A Full Preterist No Outline
01/27/13 Be Infected With My Disease! No Outline
03/03/13 Discriminatory Doctrine, Elder Toney Floyd No Outline
03/06/13 A Study of Romans 8, Elder Keith Bernhagen No Outline
03/17/13 Discriminatory Doctrine pt 2, Elder Toney Floyd No Outline
03/24/13 The Foundation For Our Future
04/03/13 To Fear God and Honor our King Elder Keith Bernhagen No Outline
05/05/13 Q & A: Can A Christian Commit The Blasphemy Of The Holy Spirit? No Outline
05/19/13 A Table Prepared in the Wilderness for the Pilgrims of God Elder Keith Bernhagen No Outline
05/19/13 The Immense Value of Knowing Christ Elder BK Dogan No Outline
04/06/14 Justification: What is it? Elder Bryan Dogan No Outline
04/06/14 Another Gospel, Elder Toney Floyd No Outline
09/02/14 Dr. Kelly Nelson Birks on KCRO Radio No Outline
09/03/14 Kari Birks on KCRO Radio No Outline

Messiah Reformed Church

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Location: Map
Messiah Reformed Church
8526 L Street
Omaha, NE 68127

From Center and 84th St: Head South down 84th St. towards L. St. Just before you get to L St, make a right (W) on K St. Make an immediate left (N) on 85th St. Road veers to the right and is a service road that runs parallel to L. St. The Church has a sign on the building and will be on the left side.

Mailing address:
10913 Ellison Ave.
Omaha, NE 68164

Meeting Times:
Sunday Adult Sunday School Class 9:30 a.m.
Sunday Worship Service 10:45 a.m.
Wednesday Prayer and Bible Study: 7:00 p.m

Contact Information:
Dr. Kelly Nelson Birks,Pastor/Elder
Phone: (303) 549-7338
Email: ktestify2truth@aol.com

Lance's Deaf Orphans in Kenya
We support Lance's Deaf Orphans for the wonderful work they are doing in Kenya! There are many needs and not much support, so please consider helping them out! Check out the website for more information!
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