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Date Message Outline
02/15/09 Selectively Seeking the Savior
03/08/09 Withdrawing The Witness
03/22/09 Who Cares About Jesus!
04/05/09 The Fearful Facts Of Being A Follower Of Christ
04/26/09 The Sin of Futurism
05/10/09 The Truth Behind The Transfiguration
05/24/09 Confronting The Calloused
06/28/09 Rebuke, Reward & A Reckoning
08/16/09 The Lesson of the Little Child No Outline
09/27/09 Recognizing Our Barriers To Heaven
10/11/09 How "Stuff" Keeps People Out Of The Kingdom
11/01/09 Is There A Pot Of Gold At The End Of This Rainbow?
11/15/09 Man Up! Following Christ Where You Don't Want To Go
12/13/09 And Jesus Stood Still
01/03/10 Fig Tree Faith
01/24/10 How To Have A Forthright Faith
02/07/10 How To Recognize A Spiritual Phoney
04/18/10 A Terrible Parable
05/02/10 Pokin' The Bear No Outline
05/16/10 How Not To Understand The Resurrection
05/30/10 What Is The Most Important Commandment?
06/13/10 The Downward Spiral Of Denying Christ's Demands
06/20/10 Preparing To Pinpoint The Parousia
06/27/10 Preparing To Pinpoint The Parousia, Part 2
07/11/10 Mark's Olivet Discourse No Outline
07/18/10 Mark's Olivet Discourse, Part 2 No Outline
08/15/10 Mark's Olivet Discourse, Part 4 No Outline
08/29/10 Mark's Olivet Discourse, Part 5 No Outline
09/19/10 Mark's Olivet Discourse, Part 6 No Outline
10/03/10 Outrageous Worship! No Outline
10/24/10 Preparation Participation No Outline
11/14/10 There's No Deliberation When It Comes To Your Restoration No Outline
11/28/10 Gethsemane Catastrophe? No Outline
12/12/10 The Trial Of Jesus ... Guilty Before Proven Guilty No Outline
1/16/11 Descending Into Denial No Outline
03/06/11 The Crucifixion That Almost Wasn't... No Outline
03/20/11 The King Is Killed ... The King Is Changed No Outline
04/17/11 Too Late ... You're Regenerated! No Outline
04/24/11 When Christ Was Under God's Wrath No Outline
05/08/11 A Valueless Veil No Outline
05/15/11 Witnesses Of The Resurrection No Outline
05/22/11 Marking Out Mark...What About Those Last Pesky 12 Verses? No Outline

Messiah Reformed Church

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Location: Map
Messiah Reformed Church
8526 L Street
Omaha, NE 68127

From Center and 84th St: Head South down 84th St. towards L. St. Just before you get to L St, make a right (W) on K St. Make an immediate left (N) on 85th St. Road veers to the right and is a service road that runs parallel to L. St. The Church has a sign on the building and will be on the left side.

Mailing address:
10913 Ellison Ave.
Omaha, NE 68164

Meeting Times:
Sunday Adult Sunday School Class 9:30 a.m.
Sunday Worship Service 10:45 a.m.
Wednesday Prayer and Bible Study: 7:00 p.m

Contact Information:
Dr. Kelly Nelson Birks,Pastor/Elder
Phone: (303) 549-7338
Email: ktestify2truth@aol.com

Lance's Deaf Orphans in Kenya
We support Lance's Deaf Orphans for the wonderful work they are doing in Kenya! There are many needs and not much support, so please consider helping them out! Check out the website for more information!
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