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Date Message Outline
06/05/11 Better Than Angels No Outline
06/12/11 Better Than Angels, Part 2 No Outline
06/19/11 Drifting Away: 1st part No Outline
06/19/11 Drifting Away: 2nd part No Outline
06/26/11 "This Psalm Is About Jesus" No Outline
07/03/11 Who Is The "Every Man" That Christ Died For? No Outline
07/10/11 Finalizing Your Fear Of Death No Outline
07/24/11 I Wanna Be Like Jesus...'cuz Jesus Wants To Be Like Me?? No Outline
07/31/11 The "IF" Sermon No Outline
08/14/11 The Apostasy Travesty No Outline
08/21/11 No "Rest" For The Wicked No Outline
08/28/11 No "Rest" For The Wicked, Part 2 No Outline
09/04/11 The Power Of Your Profession No Outline
09/18/11 What The Temptation Of Christ Means To Us, Part 1 No Outline
09/25/11 What The Temptation Of Christ Means To Us, Part 2 No Outline
10/02/11 Melchizedek Lives! No Outline
10/09/11 The Disaster Of Being 'Dull of Hearing' " No Outline
10/16/11 You Can't Lose It, But You Can Abuse It No Outline
10/23/11 Turn or Burn! No Outline
10/30/11 Resuming After The Warning No Outline
11/13/11 Faith & Patience: The Dynamic Duo No Outline
11/20/11 Are You Tenaciously Teathered To The Tithe? Part 1 No Outline
12/04/11 Are You Tenaciously Teathered To The Tithe? Part 2 No Outline
12/11/11 Melchizedek Rising No Outline
12/18/11 There Is No Concession In Christ's Intercession No Outline
12/25/11 Shadow Sanctuary No Outline
1/01/12 Covenantal Or Cadaver Christianity? No Outline
1/08/12 Ghost Theology: Why Mosaic Ceremonialism Had To Vanish No Outline
1/15/12 The Old Covenant Is A Fleshy "Faith" No Outline
1/29/12 Gutting Your Guilt No Outline
2/05/12 Bound By Blood No Outline
2/19/12 ONCE Upon A Time...
2/26/12 What The Law Cannot Do
3/4/12 Renouncing Our Repetitious Religion
3/11/12 HOLD FAST!
3/18/12 HOLD FAST!, Part 2
3/25/12 The Consequences Of Casting Off Our Christian Senses
4/01/12 Paying Attention To Our Past, Points To Our Predestination
4/08/12 The Benefits Of A PAST Second Coming
4/15/12 Finding The Facts Of Faith
4/22/12 The "BY FAITH" Series, Part 1
4/29/12 The "BY FAITH" Series, Part 2: The Must Haves of Faith
5/06/12 The "BY FAITH" Series, Part 3: Faith Advice From Abraham
5/13/12 The "BY FAITH" Series, Part 4: Calling for Womb Service
5/20/12 The "BY FAITH" Series, Part 5: Faith Review
5/27/12 The "BY FAITH" Series, Part 6: Are You Going To Die In Faith?
6/03/12 The "BY FAITH" Series, Part 7: Faith Forges Forward In The Face Of Fear
6/10/12 The "BY FAITH" Series, Part 8: Faith Declares God's Word At Death
6/17/12 The "BY FAITH" Series, Part 9: The Moses Model, Part 1
6/24/12 The "BY FAITH" Series, Part 10: The Moses Model, Part 2
7/01/12 The "BY FAITH" Series, Part 11: Your Jericho Scenario
7/15/12 The "BY FAITH" Series, Part 12: How To Know You Have A Real Faith
7/22/12 The "BY FAITH" Series, Part 13: How To Know You Have A Real Faith, Part 2
7/29/12 The "BY FAITH" Series, Part 14: How To Know You Have A Real Faith, Part 3
8/05/12 The "BY FAITH" Series, Part 15: Facing Your Afflictions By Faith
8/12/12 You're Being Watched
8/19/12 The Sin That Brings Discipline
8/26/12 Our Father's Faithfulness To Flog Us
9/02/12 Our Sanctification Scenario
9/09/12 A Tale Of Two Mountains
9/16/12 Are You Refusing Your Redeemer?
9/23/12 Lawkeeping Lessens Love
9/30/12 Follow-The-Leader
10/07/12 Confession, Communion & Cooperation (The Outward Evidences Of A True Christian)
10/14/12 Concluding Hebrews

Messiah Reformed Church

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Location: Map
Messiah Reformed Church
8526 L Street
Omaha, NE 68127

From Center and 84th St: Head South down 84th St. towards L. St. Just before you get to L St, make a right (W) on K St. Make an immediate left (N) on 85th St. Road veers to the right and is a service road that runs parallel to L. St. The Church has a sign on the building and will be on the left side.

Mailing address:
10913 Ellison Ave.
Omaha, NE 68164

Meeting Times:
Sunday Adult Sunday School Class 9:30 a.m.
Sunday Worship Service 10:45 a.m.
Wednesday Prayer and Bible Study: 7:00 p.m

Contact Information:
Dr. Kelly Nelson Birks,Pastor/Elder
Phone: (303) 549-7338
Email: ktestify2truth@aol.com

Lance's Deaf Orphans in Kenya
We support Lance's Deaf Orphans for the wonderful work they are doing in Kenya! There are many needs and not much support, so please consider helping them out! Check out the website for more information!
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